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Event on 1/10/2021 Chaos - Sgt. Shawn (AFO) - 01-10-2021

I'd like to make a formal suggestion on running events.

The two guys who were hosting the event today, did not seem to care, in a few factors, that decide win or lose, which made the entire
event unfair.

We had a blockade event, hold all 3 planets to lock spawns, then kill rest of enemy faction to win.

This was a simple concept however, the teams were very uneven, it was 19 Sith, to 24 Jedi. Mind you, 2 of the sith were acolytes so they do not count, boosting us to only have 17 players.  The jedi had a 7 player difference. This is a whole lot of extra players to one side which favored the Jedi.

Due to this, the rules should have been slightly adjusted to make it more fair.

Such as, instead of holding all 3 points to lock every spawn, maybe enforce holding one point locks that planet. This would've made it into a much more fair fight, as the 7 wouldn't have to just roam around together, and us mass numbers to solely capture each point. 

The event was for sure favored to the Jedi, which is okay, but I feel this suggestion, would make it more fair, so it would be less toxic.,

I can admit, I was toxic, I apologize for that, but if there was just different ways to balance it out more, it would've been a much better event.