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A petition for Change to combat rules - Chroma Slip - 02-23-2021

I henceforth put forward the following petition to make the following changes to the rules of combat.

Combat should have a reason behind it beyond, "they are the opposite faction let's kill them. While this is understandable during a raid when someone is minding their own business and farming this can tend to be a very bad idea. As a players rank and ability is directly related to their level and skills this serves to cause less able players to have a much harder time advancing. In addition the general attack on sight mentality causes toxic behavior to be rewarded and discourages new players from continuing. I have seen this from both factions and it needs to stop on both ends.

RE: A petition for Change to combat rules - Vex The Ghost - 02-23-2021


RE: A petition for Change to combat rules - Zoom - 02-24-2021

taking combat out of a server based on becoming stronger in combat is the worst idea I have ever heard.

If you wanna stop getting shit on travel in groups within your faction, become stronger/practice being able to hold your own, rank up, go somewhere else, or avoid them.

Bad idea to grant people immunity because they don't wanna fight when 95% of the server are solely playing just to fight, get better at fighting, and become stronger as an individual just to... not be able to fight? Weird

RE: A petition for Change to combat rules - Ronin Genbu - 02-25-2021

-1 sorry i hope that will never happen

RE: A petition for Change to combat rules - Gr!lledcheese - 02-26-2021

Not sure if it's the forums acting up or your own choice, but please change the text colour it's really hard to read.

Since we're in roughly the Old Republic Era the Jedi and Sith are engaged in an open war, therefore it would be more likely than not to attack the opposing faction on sight. Backstabbing someone while they're farming is a dog move but this is a PvP server and you should be on your toes when on a neutral planet. Changing how combat works would do nothing to solve toxicity as this is a gmod server so it's a fact of life.