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Grandmaster's Christmas List - IROCONIAN - 12-03-2021

What is your name in Game?: GrandMaster Tenebrae Ōtsutsuki

What is your steamid?: STEAM_0:1:5218443

How long have you been with VALKYRIE :    2,093:26

Tell us about your time on VALKYRIE : ive grown through the sith and the jedi as Grand Inquisitor x2, Dreadmaster x2, Emperor, Lancer, High Consular, Master of the Order and currently Grand Master all in one life
What model do you want for Christmas?: (subject to change)

What is the model id of the model you are choosing?: models/pm_Shadow/Shadow.mdl (subject to change)

Why should VALKYRIE gift you this model?: Been here for over a year and been staff and tried to be fair and give everyone a decent chance multiple times to achieve their goals within rp and help them if they have ooc issues. Have been handing out Legendary items on server recently to try and help the newer players as well.

Do you believe in Santa Clause?: im 34 i will let you decide my answer. But i do believe in the force.

RE: Grandmaster's Christmas List - Ponds - 01-13-2022

That looks like a really cool player model Tenebrae! Good luck

RE: Grandmaster's Christmas List - IROCONIAN - 01-28-2022

Good luck on the next go round.